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Elevate your iGaming venture with VeliTech, where exclusivity meets partnership.

As a dedicated B2B provider, we select our clients carefully, ensuring a shared journey towards success. From advanced back-office platforms to unparalleled client engagement strategies — we prioritise a close-knit partnership to navigate the path to peak performance together.

Discover the strength of partnership through our advanced iGaming solutions tailored just for you

We offer the flexibility to integrate our complete suite of products or to select individual solutions that perfectly align with your unique needs and existing technological framework. Together, we ensure that our collaboration is as seamless and personalised as your business demands.

Back office platform

Take control of your operations with our advanced back office platform

  • Total control over game settings and services with a unified system
  • Advanced internal game and risk management
  • Supercharged performance and endless scalability
  • Helicopter view of business infrastructure
  • Versatile bonus engine with multicurrency support
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Engage sports enthusiasts with our feature-rich sportsbook platform

  • Streamlined PAM
  • 100+ sports, 400+ markets
  • Omnichannel engagement: Desktop, Mobile, Retail, and POS/Terminals
  • Diverse betting options with Quick bets, Bet Booking and Bet Builder
  • Flexible Cash Out options
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Access an extensive collection of top-quality casino games through our games aggregator

  • Single API Integration
  • 30,000+ games integrated, 135+ gaming providers
  • Game management tools with intuitive content management at your fingertips
  • Player Account Management
  • Enhanced player engagement with bonus and promotion management features
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Maximise player retention and increase customer LTV with no-code AI-based CRM

  • Intelligent segmentation based on players’ data
  • Game recommendation capabilities, behaviour-based communication, and AI-generated creatives
  • Omnichannel workflows, incl. emails, SMS, web push, mobile push, social media, and popular messengers
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Combine and integrate multiple payment methods into one unified solution, making payments more straightforward for businesses and consumers

  • Wide range of Payment Service Providers (PSP), access to over 350 PSPs
  • High reliability, guaranteeing a 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Enhanced security, adhering to PCI-DSS compliance standards, ensuring all payment transactions are secured and protected
  • The maximised success rate of your payment transactions with advanced routing and cascading techniques
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game development

Unleash unparalleled gaming experiences, powered by cutting-edge technology and revolutionary crash games.

VeliPlay Features:

  • Revolutionary Crash Experiences
  • Provably Fair Technology
  • Customisation
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Multilingual Interface
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Maximising team potential with VeliTech

Business Operations Teams
VeliHorizon is the game-changer for business operations teams. With advanced tools for online casino management, it streamlines workflows, reduces manual tasks, and boosts efficiency and productivity.
Marketing Teams
Automate marketing efforts, maximise player retention, and increase LTV with VeliEDGE. Gain insights into customer behaviour, improve targeting and personalisation in campaigns.
IT/Technical Teams
VeliHorizon delivers fast and reliable gaming experiences, handles traffic surges, and accommodates limitless growth through unlimited integrations, making it a top choice for IT/Technical Teams.
Product Development Teams
Our VeliGames platform allows the product development team to seamlessly integrate a wide range of high-quality games from leading providers, which could significantly reduce development time and resources.
Finance/Accounting Teams
Through the data collected and organised by VeliHorizon, the finance team can more accurately track revenues, costs, and profit margins, making their accounting and financial reporting tasks easier.
Data Analytics Teams
VeliEDGE and VeliHorizon provide a wealth of valuable data that allows the data analytics team to track user behaviour, engagement metrics, revenue growth, and more. This enables the team to measure strategy effectiveness, and forecast trends with confidence.
Regulatory Compliance Teams
VeliHorizon is a valuable platform for the team responsible for legal and regulatory compliance in online gaming. It helps manage and track operations effectively, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.
Customer Experience Team
VeliHorizon ensures a fast and reliable gaming experience, while VeliEDGE helps the customer experience team understand client needs for targeted support.

Partners & integrations

We partner with aspiring trendsetters and the most popular gaming providers.

“Being part of VeliTech's game aggregation platform has elevated our reach and impact in the iGaming industry. The robust and agile architecture of their platform ensures that our games are showcased at their best, optimising performance and player engagement.”


We comprised best practices of software development and delivery, Domain Driven Design approaches, functional programming and SRE discipline. This allows us to build highly reliable, scalable and resilient suite of iGaming solutions for an excellent SAAS service.

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