Supercharge your gaming business with a PCI-DSS-compliant payment solution

Why VeliPayments?

Unified Payments, Simplified Journey

VeliPayments is a comprehensive but simple and secure payment gateway. Our versatile platform allows you to combine and integrate multiple payment methods into one unified solution, making payments more straightforward for businesses and consumers.

Payment service providers
99.9% +
Payment methods
Fiat currency and cryptocurrency
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Exploring VeliPayments

Via VeliPayments, we provide innovative technology that delivers secure, reliable, and efficient payment solutions that help you simplify your payment operations and strengthen your bottom line.
Custom Antifraud and Blacklists
Create and customise specific rules and parameters to help identify and flag suspicious transactions in real-time.
Global Coverage
Perform international transactions or utilise payment systems specific to local markets.
Compliance Excellence
Ensure adherence to relevant industry standards while offering bespoke solutions for the specific needs of iGaming businesses.
Interface and Functionality
Optimise your payment experience with user-friendly navigation and streamlined transaction processing, ensuring efficiency at every step.
Embrace verified payment services that offer fraud protection for hassle-free and secure deposits and withdrawals.
Prevent the loss of customers due to glitches with 24/7 access to technical support.

Allowing user-friendly navigation and efficient transaction processing

VeliPayments helps businesses accept and process payments strategically while maintaining high security and customer satisfaction. We’ve designed the platform to assist you in reducing manual intervention, minimising customer friction, and achieving supreme payment processing efficiency.

PCI-DSS Compliance

VeliPayments offers a PCI-DSS-compliant payment gateway, guaranteeing the secure transmission of crucial payment details.

Safeguard both your business and customers from potential threats, ensuring peace of mind and fostering trust.

With VeliPayments at your side, secure a commendable market reputation by creating a fortified payment environment.

PSP Integration

Access a wide range of over 350 unique payment service providers with VeliPayments, granting businesses the flexibility to pinpoint the most apt provider tailored to their specific needs and target demographics.

Average integrations with new PSP are completed within 5-7 days, potentially expediting this process to a mere two days under pressing circumstances facilitated by our support team.

Throughout your integration journey, rely on VeliPayments for unwavering support, ensuring swift operational scaling and ease in onboarding multiple PSP.

Advanced Routing & Cascading

With VeliPayments, businesses in the gambling industry can enhance their operations using routing and cascading features.

With over 70 tailored filters, VeliPayments enables you to customise payment routes considering transaction types, geographical locations, and associated risk levels.

Efficiently distribute transactions across diverse acquirers to heighten success rates and utilise set timers and limits for managing transaction volumes deftly.

Statistics and Reports

VeliPayments equips you with contemporary tools backed by deep industry insights, ensuring critical information is but a click away.

Monitor transactions in real-time, discern patterns, and promptly spot payment processing discrepancies.

Empower your decision-making processes with actionable intelligence, ensuring agility in your payment activities.

How it works

Fuel success with dynamic ecosystem solutions

VeliPayments Gateway is a beneficial choice for iGaming businesses, offering flexible integration options tailored to your specific business needs.

Experience optimal integration flexibility

VeliPayments offers unparalleled integration flexibility for your iGaming business. Our solid API allows for seamless integration into your existing infrastructure. This integration harnesses the power of VeliPayments and unlocks endless possibilities for enhancing your players’ gaming experience. Unlock the ultimate flexibility in integrating your iGaming operations with VeliPayments.

Embrace the power of VeliTech holistic iGaming ecosystem

Unleash the full potential of your iGaming venture with VeliTech Suite – a comprehensive range of solutions, including:

Seamlessly integrate these cutting-edge technologies to create a robust and tailored iGaming ecosystem that caters to diverse player preferences. With the flexibility to curate a seamless and engaging experience for your customers, you can maximise their satisfaction and drive business growth.
Unlock a universe of customisable opportunities that align with your distinctive vision by embracing VeliPayments and the comprehensive VeliTech suite.
Elevate your iGaming business to new heights today.

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