Data-driven platform designed to boost your online casino business

What is VeliHorizon?

Master the art of data-driven iGaming

It's not just a Player Account Management (PAM), but a complete game-changer, fuelled by API-driven technology and the robustness of microservices. This revolutionary toolset will catapult your online casinos, sports betting, and more into the stratosphere.

Our cutting-edge technology integrates with leading gaming providers for a highly-secured, compliant gaming environment that's designed to meet all of your clients' needs. Plus, our comprehensive back office ensures advanced internal game and risk management, giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on growing your online casino brand.

Get ready to play in the big leagues with VeliHorizon - your secret weapon for iGaming success

Our iGaming solution is your all-in-one command centre for managing player accounts, payments, and game providers. Enjoy the convenience of a seamless interface where every essential tool is at your fingertips.


Fast launch

We change the industry rules and let you start a new business fast, faster than it used to be ever before.

It takes around 30 minutes to set up a new brand, 2 weeks to integrate new games and payment providers.

Our ready-to-go setup gives you an undeniable advantage – rapid development and integration to start growing your business today.


360° view of players

The heart of the business, all-embracing management system that supports the entire product and value chain.

Designed for your customer support service, the module secures proper risk management including approval & rejection of high-risk transactions.


  • Player account management (РАМ)
  • Risk management
  • Customer service
  • Transaction support
  • Game play logs and history

Powerful bonus system

Our powerful bonus engine allows creating bonus bundles, versatile rule definitions with games, player segmentation. Multicurrency is also enabled for bonus rewards.

Segment your players based on the behavioral patterns and send highly personalised offerings.


  • Casino bonus
  • Game segmentation per bonus
  • Free bet for integrated Sportsbook
  • Bonus abuse mitigation
  • Loyalty points
  • Custom cashback
  • Lottery & tournaments

Seamless payments

An easy all-in-one payment solution allowing numerous payment options to satisfy every player.


  • Payment method management
  • Seamless wallet
  • Auto/Manual withdrawal
  • Multi-currency
  • Multiple wallets per player

Unrivaled game experience

A unified system to give you total control over game settings and manage your services in a few clicks.

Manage over 30,000 games from the world-known providers, set up restriction rules, match various casino games to your players, complement the games in your online portfolio to find relevant content for players.


  • Game settings
  • Restriction rules
  • Casino content aggregation
  • Game priority management
  • Game segmentation

Helicopter view of business & infrastructure

How much can it cost for your iGaming business to stop? With VeliHorizon, you get full business and infrastructure observability for better digital experience and business continuity.


  • Complete observation of all infrastructure layers
  • Faster anomalies detection
  • Prioritised incident resolution
  • Helicopter view of all business metrics
  • Optimised discovery and metrics acquisition processes

Deep data & analytics insights

Possibility to tie together data from different sources, allowing data-driven decision making and marketing automation.

Provide better gaming experience by leveraging advanced ML solutions.

The data is stored in DWH (Data Warehouse) and has the best integrated BI tool (Tableau) on the market to get business insights.


Engineered excellence

The advanced technology stack behind VeliHorizon is what makes it different from any other solution in the market. We grow your business by using our technology expertise.

We’ve distilled the essence of best practices in software development and delivery, and married it with the sophistication of Domain Driven Design and the elegance of functional programming. Sprinkle in some Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) discipline, and you’ve got a cocktail of reliability, scalability, and resilience like no other.


Small loosely coupled software components allow fast system evolution. It means the code is not hard-wired to any of the infrastructure components, so that any component can be easily scaled up and down, disabled and enabled on demand. New functionality is deployed to production without downtime and it doesn’t affect the performance of the entire system.

Reactive, Event-Driven

Built according to Reactive manifesto with emphasis on developing responsive, resilient and scalable systems.


Containers allow to package and isolate applications with their entire runtime environment. This ensures easy and fast transfer of the contained application between different environments (dev, test, production, etc.). So that, time to market is significantly improved.

We use a consistent and automated approach to build, package, and test applications.

  • Automated pipelines controlling deployment and delivery of components & configuration updates
  • Reliable and fast code delivery

We use collaborative practices for operation and development teams, treating both as a single team, responsible for successful delivery and running applications in production.

You can extend the platform by your own, creating microservices that use REST API or KAFKA events.

  • REST API, GraphL API, Kafka events are available for API consuming
  • Language Agnostic. The services can be written on any language, including Java, Scala, Python, NodeJS and others

It allows detecting incidents (system failures), quickly eliminating them and improving the system in general.

  • Metric gathering and reporting
  • The dashboards monitor a system state, its performance and responsiveness

Partners & integrations

We partner with trendsetters and companies renowned for delivering top-notch experiences, creating an unparalleled blend of value, innovation, and excellence.

Featured partners
Partnership for Your Optimised Affiliate Success
  • Integrated Solutions for Maximising ROI.
  • Tailored Partner Programs for Business Growth.
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Fraud Prevention.
Partnership to Strengthen Your Business Security
  • Advanced KYC/AML Features for Compliance.
  • Global Reach with Rapid Verification.
  • Seamless Integration for Enhanced Protection.
How it works

Flexible solutions for your unique needs

VeliTech allows different setups from launching Horizon as a standalone high-speed performance turnkey solution with numerous integrations to a custom suite of iGaming solutions tailored to your specific needs and markets

A Single Solution with Infinite Possibilities

The combination of your own license and benefits from pioneering technologies.

With Horizon as a core of our Turnkey solution, you will get a complete package of required tools such as ready-for-service website with customised design, integrations, analytics, etc. Additionally, you have access to advanced features, specially built to ensure the growth and extension of your online casino business under your own license.

The Perfect Blend: Unlocking the Power of Complementary Products

Power up your brand and captivate players with our dynamic platform suite. From a casino back office to a sportsbook, games aggregator, and cutting-edge client engagement tools, we’ve got it all. Fuel your growth and elevate the player experience with VeliTech’s game-changing iGaming solutions.

Let us tailor a winning strategy for your business, whether you crave enhanced player engagement, turbocharged marketing, or streamlined operations. Get ready for outstanding results backed by our expertise and groundbreaking technology.

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