Welcome to VeliTech


As thoroughly as we work on the products and solutions in our Suite, we work on our values and commitments to our customers and team.

They all constitute the VeliTech Manifest, created by Giorgi Alexidze, our CEO, and inspired by years of leading the company, our team and its cultural and professional values.

This Manifest serves us as our North Star, guiding every decision and action we take as we move into the future.


To revolutionise the iGaming industry by becoming the ultimate partner that offers automated, machine learning-driven, one-stop solutions that cover every operational aspect. We aim to ensure our clients don’t need to look elsewhere.


To be the foremost SaaS provider in the iGaming industry, shaping the future of online gaming through technological excellence, innovation, and deep partnerships.

Our Core Values

We uphold the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct, ensuring that our software solutions are secure, compliant, and trustworthy.

    What does this mean in our daily life?
  • Implementing strict coding standards that prioritise security and privacy.
  • Conducting thorough testing and quality assurance to ensure the software is reliable and performs as promised.
  • Using open source components responsibly, respecting licenses and attributing credit appropriately.

We strive to understand our clients' businesses inside and out, providing comprehensive, integrated solutions that are more than the sum of their parts.

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  • Investing time into forming full-stack solution propositions for iGaming businesses.
  • Being integrated into the business of our partners through our solutions and, in general, approaching their business and needs as if they were our own.

We push the boundaries of what is possible by integrating cutting-edge machine learning and automation technologies into our solutions.

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  • Creating not just solutions but superior solutions.
  • Pursuing not the quantity of features but the quality and innovation of technologies behind these features.

Every voice matters at VeliTech. Our open-door policy encourages employees to speak up and influence our products, processes, and policies.

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  • Promoting a culture where team members can engage with anyone, breaking down hierarchical barriers and fostering open communication.
  • Welcoming ideas from all team members - whether they're about new products, product expansions, game releases or even something we never did before but would like to try.
  • Recognising the distinct contributions of each team member, and leadership actively motivating and supporting our collective growth.

Whether it's the relationship with our team members or clients, we believe in partnerships and shared ownership. We take pride in our work and strive to be an essential component of our clients' success.

    What does this mean in our daily life?
  • Addressing each other's problems and challenges as shared issues, focusing on collaborative solutions.
  • Ensuring every employee embraces the collective business as their own, taking responsibility for the shared success.
  • Encouraging and valuing initiative and recognising each teammate's impact is crucial to our collective growth.

At VeliTech, each employee is encouraged to think like an entrepreneur. The next groundbreaking idea could come from anyone, and we provide the space and resources to explore new avenues for innovation.

    What does this mean in our daily life?
  • Embracing a mindset that welcomes and explores new ideas, regardless of hierarchy or role.
  • Rejecting the notion of development for the sake of development, emphasising purposeful and impactful initiatives.
  • Recognising the unique contributions of each team member while leadership motivates and supports our collective growth.

Our Commitments

To Our Clients
Full-Spectrum Services:

We offer a complete range of services designed to cover every aspect of your operational needs.

Automated Efficiency:

We offer machine learning-driven solutions designed to automate complex business processes, increasing efficiency and reducing error margins.

Single Point of Contact:

A dedicated client relationship manager will serve as your singular contact point for all VeliTech services, ensuring personalised service.

To the Industry
Customer Success Advocacy:

We advocate for industry standards that prioritise customer success and responsible gaming.

Innovation Leadership:

We lead in incorporating machine learning and automation, setting new benchmarks for efficiency, adaptability, and customer-focused solutions.

To Our Employees
Innovation Lab:

Time and resources are dedicated for you to work on creative projects, innovations, and personal growth.

Career Pathways to Partnership:

Exceptional contributions to the company may lead to profit-sharing or stock options, making you a true partner in VeliTech's future.

Your Voice Matters:

Through our open-door policy, we invite you to share your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns, which will be seriously considered and can lead to real change within the company.

Our Strategies

AI and ML R&D:

Significant resources are committed to ongoing research and development in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Data-Driven Decision-making:

We turn data into actionable insights that guide strategic decision-making for us and our clients.

Automated Customer Success:

We employ machine learning algorithms to proactively identify potential issues or areas for improvement in our clients’ operations.

Continuous Expansion:

We actively seek client feedback and industry trends to continuously expand our offerings without compromising quality.

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