Online gambling is a large software market segment, expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.7% by 2030. The rapid growth of demand and competition requires some next-level ideas from iGaming software providers. The endgame is unchanged: determine customer needs, improve the user experience, and reduce the impact of technical issues on gaming. But the latest task iGaming companies have at hand is this — how to reach these goals following the most optimal and cost-efficient path. 

The task really is within reach if the iGaming platform offers the right technical solution — observability tools.

Read on to learn more about the concept of observability and how it differs from monitoring solutions. As an iGaming platform provider, we know all about observability and its benefits for iGaming products.

What’s observability, and how does it differ from monitoring?

Observability is a technical solution that gives the team a bird’s eye view of the system’s internal state and lets them find the root of performance issues without extra coding. With observability, patterns, interconnection of elements, and their performance can be spotted more easily and without predefined settings. You can troubleshoot any issues before they impact user experience. 

Meanwhile, monitoring is a reactive technical solution that allows a team to assess the system’s health by collecting and analyzing predefined logs and metrics. One of the monitoring measures is to set up an alert when the platform cannot scale much further and there is a risk of downtime. 

These two practices might sound pretty similar, so let’s consider a familiar example — healthcare knowledge as we know it from TV shows. 

In this case, monitoring is done with the help of vital signs monitor that alerts medical staff when a patient has a cardiac arrest.

The observability solution would be a full-body monitor (yet to be invented) that runs all possible tests simultaneously. It can predict that a patient will be in a critical state in a few hours due to an infection that just started to manifest in a slight increase in white blood cells count. 

The same principle holds true for online gaming software. The main difference between monitoring and observability is the ability to detect emerging concerns before they impact players’ experience or business goals, then determine their cause and prevent them. This ability unleashes game-changing benefits in a highly competitive industry like iGaming.

Why observability is vital for iGaming software development

We cannot stress enough how critical the observability tools are in the B2B iGaming platform, either for its successful development or fast gambling software integration. Here are some hands-on examples.

Preventing bugs and downtimes without impact on customer experience

It may be too late to fix bugs when they have already ruined your customers’ gaming experience. And with 2,000 online casinos worldwide, your users have a huge selection of competitors to turn to. Plus, every hour of downtime spent fixing a bug costs you tens of thousands of dollars. That’s true: the industry’s top performer GVC Holdings loses around $456,000 for each hour of downtime (if you divide the annual profit by the number of hours in a year).

Observability helps detect, predict, and discover the cause of potential problems. This, in turn, prevents downtime and customer exodus.

Providing safe scalability

Scaling capabilities are a key criterion when choosing an iGaming software platform.

After all, any betting site or online casino operator strives to expand their player base and drive profits. And observability is crucial here: access to data related to the platform’s functioning is the only way to ensure that scaling won’t create any technical issues and downtimes. 

Additionally, with observability data, gambling companies can identify patterns in customer behavior and registration jumps — and measure the impact of their various promotional tactics.

Securing data and preventing fraud

Betting and casino software solutions are a hotbed for fraudulent activities — anonymous, remote, and hard to monitor in real time.

Users create multiple fake accounts, collude, or steal other players’ accounts to make easy money. Gambling’s fraud rate grew 50.1% in the first quarter of 2022 as compared to the same period of the prior year.

Observability helps secure user data and detect fraudulent activities in real time.

Observability tools scan and analyze users’ activities to spot suspicious behavior or high-risk accounts. They also constantly analyze a range of security-related elements, including DNS servers, to prevent hacker attacks and shield data. 

Adapting online games for different operating systems

While desktop iGaming solutions remain the favored choice among players, smartphones and other gadgets also gain popularity as gambling devices. Observability tools allow you to collect and systemize data from pipelines to monitor software performance across operating systems. As a result, it will take you less effort, money, and time to deploy and update your online casino or betting website on different devices. 

Identifying patterns of customer behavior and improving the experience

Observability is an online casino turnkey solution to getting insights into customer behavior. You can use these findings to improve customer experience and create buzz around your product. Users will happily pull up your game outside their typical playing hours (i.e. during your website’s low-traffic hours), knowing they’ll receive a gaming bonus. But first, you need to understand when your website has the fewest visitors and what reward will most likely attract users.


Observability of the iGaming platform is a core element for any betting site or online casino software provider that cares about their customers and the success of their business. Observability tools aren’t just a quirk that platform providers may charge extra for. They are vital technical solutions to ensure seamless user experience and prevent downtime. Observability should be a top priority when choosing an iGaming platform for developing or scaling online casinos or betting websites. If you’re looking for the best turnkey gambling solution that meets this requirement, contact us and enjoy the benefits of observability.