Strategic Launch into the African
iGaming Market

About the client
Paridirect, one of the prominent companies in the sports betting and casino website sector, embarked on an ambitious project to penetrate the African iGaming market, building on its legacy of success in Europe. Given the unique challenges of this region, including diverse consumer behaviours and technological constraints, Paridirect sought a strategic partnership to facilitate an efficient, scalable, and user-friendly market entry in Central Africa.
The Challenge

Entering the Central African market, Paridirect faced several critical challenges:

Limited Internet Accessibility
Variability in internet penetration rates across Central Africa, with some areas experiencing significantly lower connectivity, poses a major challenge for online gaming platforms aiming to reach a broader audience.
High Cost of Internet
The expense associated with Internet access, primarily due to reliance on pre-paid data packages, can deter potential users from engaging with online gaming and betting services.
Predominance of Feature Phones
The widespread use of feature phones over smartphones, due to their affordability, impacts the design and functionality of iGaming platforms, necessitating simpler, more accessible solutions.
Digital Payment Infrastructure
The underdeveloped digital banking infrastructure and the low prevalence of credit card usage necessitate innovative payment solutions catering to the predominantly cash-based economy.
Lack of Infrastructure for Retail to Online Transition
Developing strategies to convert offline bettors to online platforms, addressing barriers such as poor internet connections, preference for social betting environments, and mistrust of online services.
Operational Challenges in Retail Betting
Managing the transition from land-based retail betting to online operations while maintaining a seamless omnichannel experience, including shared wallets and loyalty programmes, to ensure continuity and user satisfaction across different betting channels.
Financial Inclusion
The Central African iGaming market faces a pronounced challenge due to the scarcity of digital banking, where opening bank accounts is generally restricted to businesses. As a result, mobile operators play a crucial role as de facto banks, facilitating 'telecom money'.
Peek behind the scenes of Paridirect’s entry into the Central African iGaming market, driven by VeliTech turnkey solution. Discover how our PAM, AI-based CRM, payment and content solutions tackled challenges and led to remarkable success.
The Solution

Optimising Mobile Accessibility and Financial Transactions

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USSD solution for enhanced accessibility

Acknowledging the preference for feature phones over smartphones due to their affordability, we deployed a USSD solution, enabling users to place bets using straightforward codes like *007#. This initiative bypassed the obstacles of smartphone costs and limited internet access, opening up Paridirect’s services to a wider audience.

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Integrated mobile money solutions

We integrated mobile money solutions into our platform to address the limited access to conventional banking. By capitalising on the existing telecom infrastructure, we facilitated secure and convenient payments, ensuring users could engage with our services seamlessly.

Buddy-to-Buddy transfers for financial inclusion

We introduced a buddy-to-buddy transfer system to overcome the lack of widespread digital banking services. This innovative peer-to-peer payment method allowed users to transfer funds for betting without any commission, significantly lowering the barriers to entry for users across the region and enhancing the overall affordability and accessibility of our platform.

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ACCA boost for enhanced winnings

Adapting to Central Africa’s culture of high-stakes wagers, we introduced our Sportsbook with ACCA boost and ACCA insurance features, reflecting the regional trend of seeking maximum returns from minimal stakes on high-odds bets.

The ACCA boost increases potential winnings for successful accumulator bets. This promotion boosts the overall winnings by a percentage tailored to the promotion’s terms and conditions, encouraging engagement with accumulator bets without specifying a fixed enhancement rate.

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ACCA insurance for added security

To mitigate the disappointment of narrowly missing out on an accumulator bet due to a single incorrect selection, ACCA Insurance provides a form of consolation. This feature reassures bettors, promoting further engagement by offering a safety net for nearly successful wagers.

These features are designed to resonate with the betting habits in Central Africa, enhancing both the appeal and the security of placing accumulator bets and fostering a more rewarding betting environment on our platform.

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Streamlining operations with VeliPayments

Our VeliPayments system addressed the challenge of having a unified cashier and wallet solution, offering daily fund reconciliation and incentives to encourage continuous engagement.

Revolutionising bet shop operations and enhancing user experience

In response to the operational and user engagement challenges within the Central African bet shop ecosystem, we implemented a multi-faceted strategy that leveraged cutting-edge technology and integrated platform solutions, markedly advancing Paridirect’s operational capabilities and customer interaction.

VeliHorizon backoffice platform for streamlined management

Recognising the need for enhanced operational efficiency in bet shops, we utilised our Horizon platform to automate reporting and decision-making processes. This pivotal move optimised shop management significantly reduced manual errors and streamlined financial oversight.


Personalised communication with VeliHorizon and VeliEDGE

Leveraging the synergy between our sophisticated back-office platform, VeliHorizon, and our AI-driven engagement tool, VeliEDGE, we crafted a seamless omnichannel communication experience. This strategic integration bridged the online and retail betting divide, ensuring consistent user engagement and a fluid transition across betting platforms.


Automated POS-terminal operations for in-person betting

To support the unique requirements of in-person betting, particularly for mobile operators, we automated ticket sales and operational procedures. This addressed risk management and shop reconciliation challenges and simplified the betting process for operators and bettors.

Continuous Support and Innovation
Our dedicated support system and commitment to continuous innovation played a pivotal role in ensuring the platform's scalability and reliability, addressing the critical need for a platform that could grow without compromising performance or user satisfaction.

The Results

Thanks to the exceptional efforts of their team and the supportive partnership with VeliTech, Paridirect achieved remarkable outcomes in 2023, underscoring the platform's widespread appeal and successful entry into the market.
Key achievements included:
New Online Players Welcomed
Increase in Unique Active Players
Increase in Deposits
Increase in GGR
Casino Sessions Hosted
Tickets Sold
VeliTech turnkey solution went beyond just software, it was a comprehensive package that addressed all our market entry challenges in Central Africa. From custom website development to innovative USSD solutions, their services have been integral to our achievements. Their ability to provide a seamless, scalable platform and continuous support has set us apart in a competitive market.
Dash Boyeva,
Dash Boyeva,
Product Owner at Paridirect

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