VeliTech Product Suite

A holistic solution that boosts customer retention, drives engagement, and propels the success of your online casino business

VeliHorizon serves as the core foundation of the ecosystem, providing a comprehensive back office platform for administering your online casino. It allows you to efficiently manage player accounts, payments, and game providers from one centralized location. VeliHorizon collects and analyzes valuable player data, forming the backbone for personalized experiences and informed decision-making.
Core foundation of the ecosystem
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VeliSports is a premier sportsbook platform designed exclusively for operators seeking to deliver an exceptional sports betting experience. With advanced technology and effortless navigation through an extensive selection of sports markets, VeliSports enables you to offer a diverse range of betting options tailored to your customers' preferences. Integration with VeliHorizon allows for streamlined player account management, personalized sports betting experiences, and data-driven insights to optimize betting offerings.
Premier sportsbook platform
  • Streamlined PAM
  • Personalised sports betting experience
  • Data-driven insights to optimise offerings
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VeliGames revolutionizes the process of adding games to your gaming website by offering a comprehensive game aggregation platform. Through a single API integration, you gain access to an extensive portfolio of over 30,000 games from 300+ connected gaming providers. VeliGames seamlessly integrates with VeliHorizon, allowing you to efficiently manage game offerings, optimize player experiences, and personalize game recommendations based on player data.
Game aggregation powerhouse
  • Management of game offerings
  • Optimised player experiences
  • Personalised game recommendations
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VeliEdge complements VeliHorizon by focusing on user engagement and marketing automation. With its dynamic features, including a robust recommendation engine, streamlining of the promotions process, and AI-assisted generation of promotional themes and creatives, VeliEdge simplifies the creation and management of tailored promotional offers. By integrating data-driven campaign creation with AI assistance and personalization API integration, VeliEdge maximizes customer retention and enhances engagement.
Data-driven & AI-assisted user engagement
  • Personalised recommendations
  • AI-assisted generation of promotional themes
  • AI-assisted creative design
  • Tailored promotional offers
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Create a comprehensive iGaming ecosystem that caters to diverse player preferences. This flexibility empowers you to curate a seamless and engaging experience for your customers, maximising their satisfaction and driving business growth.

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