Affiliate Marketing

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Imagine, if you will, affiliate marketers as those overly enthusiastic friends who insist you must try their new favourite restaurant. They’re so convincing that you go and drag along five other friends, promising them the meal of their lives.

In the iGaming world, these friends are the affiliate marketers, and the meal is the casino experience. For every group they usher in, they get a slice of the pie—or, in this case, commission. It’s a gastronomic pyramid scheme, but everyone’s too full and happy to question it.

At VeliTech, we treat affiliate marketing like a Michelin-starred referral banquet, eschewing the distribution of mere flyers for a lavish spread of marketing tools, analytics, and incentives. These offerings are so enticing they could revive the palate of the most indifferent player.

And the secret to our gourmet success? Our partnership with Scaleo!
Imagine it as the sous-chef of our digital gastronomy, mixing in a dash of real-time data, a sprinkle of flawless tracking, and a generous helping of bespoke affiliate management.
Together, we create a digital feast that’s as delectable as efficient.