VeliTech, at the forefront of iGaming innovation, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Scaleo, a prominent provider of partner marketing software. This collaboration implies a significant step forward in the evolution of the iGaming sector, combining advanced technology with extensive industry knowledge to drive progress.

VeliTech has earned recognition for its commitment to developing gaming solutions that excel in quality and performance. With a team comprising seasoned iGaming professionals, VeliTech has consistently delivered products that enhance player engagement, boost revenue, and redefine gaming experiences.

Scaleo offers a robust partner marketing software platform designed to simplify affiliate operations and maximise ROI. Their solution empowers businesses to efficiently manage campaigns, analyse data, and launch partner programs from a single, unified dashboard.

Integrating Scaleo into VeliTech’s flagship product, VeliHorizon introduces a new level of efficiency and functionality. This integration enables VeliTech to offer clients an enhanced Affiliate System module seamlessly integrated into the VeliHorizon platform, eliminating the need for third-party tools.

Partnership with Scaleo brings us a seamlessly integrated partner management system tailored to the iGaming industry. This collaboration will empower our clients to effectively manage their partners, leveraging real-time data support and customised solutions. It’s a strategic move that aligns with our commitment to providing a full product suite for casino operators, enhancing their operational efficiency and overall success.

The benefits of this collaboration extend beyond VeliTech and Scaleo, directly impacting clients and the broader iGaming community. VeliTech customers will benefit from streamlined brand operations and enhanced traffic and database management. At the same time, Scaleo gains access to a diverse ecosystem of iGaming operators, fostering closer relationships and facilitating direct communication.

The beginning of our collaboration with VeliTech has shown we have much in common. A spirit of innovation, a systematic approach to management and product development, and a mindset is what unquestionably unite us, providing confidence in a strategic partnership and achieving high joint results.

With Scaleo’s technical capabilities complementing VeliTech’s industry expertise, this partnership is set to elevate the standards of excellence in iGaming technology. As both companies continue to innovate and collaborate, the future of this collaboration looks promising.

About VeliTech:

VeliTech is a leading provider of innovative gaming solutions dedicated to driving engagement, increasing revenue, and delivering exceptional player experiences. With a team of seasoned iGaming professionals and a commitment to technological excellence, VeliTech empowers clients to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry.

About Scaleo:

Scaleo is a premier provider of partner marketing software, offering businesses a powerful yet user-friendly platform to streamline affiliate operations and maximise ROI. With a unified dashboard and data-driven insights, Scaleo enables enterprises to launch partner programs tailored to their specific needs.