Casino VIP programmes are key to retaining players and maximising the value of players in the iGaming industry. However, identifying and managing VIPs becomes more challenging as your client base grows. To meet the challenges, casinos can use practices and tools that streamline player management.

This article unpacks vital VIP management strategies for online gambling platforms. As a full-stack iGaming B2B provider that has helped dozens of businesses launch casino platforms, VeliTech has expert knowledge on the topic. We will also tell how VeliTech’s suite of products can help identify VIPs and segment them so you can offer personalised services.

VIPs in the iGaming industry

Compared to the average gambler, VIPs consistently spend more time playing and place higher bets. Identifying VIP players is critical for the success of your casino platform. VIPs will be valuable contributors to your revenue, and if you treat them right, they’ll spread your good reputation by word of mouth. That’s right — not only do VIPs spend money in your casino, but they can also bring other enthusiastic players to your platform.

According to The Business Research Company’s Online Gambling Global Market Report, the 2023 market, valued at £70.43 billion ($88.65 billion), represents an increase of £6 billion ($7.57 billion) from 2022. Casino VIP programmes generated much of this revenue.

Online Gambling Global Market Report, 2023

Statista’s 2021 research showed that one of Australia’s largest gambling and entertainment companies earned 17.38% of their revenue from VIPs. And 2020 inquiry by the UK’s Gambling Commission showed that some casinos collected as much as 83% of all deposits from VIPs (2% of their customers).

According to LaneTerralever’s 2022 survey of 1,384 US players surveyed, 57% use their loyalty programmes weekly, and roughly 87% are satisfied with them.

In short, casino VIP programmes can be key revenue drivers. Let’s explore how they work in iGaming platforms.

Player engagement

Maximising engagement with online casino VIP programmes

VIP programmes or schemes are designed to enhance customer retention, in part by enhancing player experiences. Gambling platforms develop these schemes to recognise and reward high-value players, which fosters loyalty and encourages continued engagement. The most common features of these campaigns include:

  • Tiered membership levels that reflect VIPs’ activity and risk profile.
  • Personalised services that provide VIPs with tailored recommendations.
  • Exclusive bonuses for each VIP tier that incentivise VIPs to play.
  • Dedicated managers that ensure direct and immediate support and troubleshooting if players experience issues.

VIP campaigns serve multiple purposes. For casinos, they increase earnings by sustaining player activity, loyalty, and goodwill. For players, customised gaming offerings and timely rewards make them feel recognised and valued.

VeliTech’s suite of tools and services is designed to help you create, manage, and enhance VIPs. They enable iGaming casinos to effectively leverage their clientele by ensuring personalised and rewarding experiences for each VIP.

Managing VIPs is critical for any iGaming business, but you must select and implement the strategies that will be most effective for your platform.

VIP management strategies for online gambling platforms

Effective VIP management encompasses identifying, segmenting, and personally engaging high-value players with tailored recommendations, bonuses, and other incentives. Here are some key strategies to transform casino–player relationships and drive business growth.

Identify VIPs early

In the iGaming industry, recognising high-value players as quickly as possible lets you increase business revenue. The standards for identifying VIP gamblers vary depending on the games offered and your business’s jurisdiction. Here are some criteria an online gambling platform can use to identify them:

Profitability and risk profile: players with a high win-loss ratio are usually the primary candidates for VIPs.

Frequency of spending: large deposits and frequent betting demonstrate that a customer is financially engaged with the casino.

Loyalty: players who actively participate in games and special events like tournaments.

Sustainability of spending: spending habits that demonstrate a financial capacity to sustain gambling expenditures.

Casinos can use data verification systems to cross-check players’ information with external sources like credit bureaus and public records. This helps assess player’s financial health, which is crucial in identifying potential VIPs.

Most importantly, your engagement strategies must align with responsible gambling regulations. You should evaluate a player’s risk of gambling-related harm by considering his spending habits and losses. 

Online casinos use advanced data analytics to interpret a broad range of player behavioural metrics. Many iGaming software providers offer tools to automatically extract gambler data from various sources, without manual data collection, to quickly identify VIP players.

Segment VIPs with precision

Dividing these high-value players into distinct clusters (high-rollers, inactive users, promising players, etc.) helps design more resonating engagement strategies. You can choose from a variety of techniques to effectively segment VIP players.

  • RFM analysis. RFM (recency, frequency, and monetary value) assesses when and how often a player engages with an online gambling platform, and how much they bet. You can then incentivise some players with discounts and others with reactivation bonuses and rewards, depending on their RFM profile.
  • Behaviour-based segmentation. This technique categorises players according to gaming habits, like their games, bet size, and engagement with bonus programmes. This helps you tailor services that match their predilections.
  • Preference profiling. By understanding individual player preferences for games, rewards, and communication methods, you can personalise interactions to enhance the VIP experience.
  • Demographic analysis. You can segment users according to demographic data like age, location, income, and other personal attributes to create targeted marketing strategies. Understanding this data lets casino platforms deliver more relevant recommendations.

Platforms like VeliEDGE offer advanced analytical and automation tools for accurate RFM segmentation, enabling the delivery of personalised offerings to diverse customer groups.

Implement responsible gaming mechanisms

Your VIP programmes should always promote responsible gambling. According to the 2023 report from Gambling Industry Fines, operators are regularly penalised for failing to identify high-risk gamblers, allowing or encouraging overspending, and marketing to self-excluding customers. A few recent examples:

  • Entain, a large UK-based gambling firm, was recently investigated and paid a £17 million penalty because it failed to address gambling addiction and has insufficient money laundering prevention measures.
  • PPB Counterparty Services Limited was fined £490,000 for marketing to gamblers who have self-excluded from promotions.

VeliTech’s advanced products offer responsible gambling controls that can engage VIPs without violating regulations.

Personalise communications

Personalised communication helps build strong relationships with VIPs. Tailored offerings and dedicated managers who respond quickly to player concerns show VIPs they are valued, which, in turn, reinforces their commitment to your casino platform.

To effectively personalise communication with VIPs, iGaming platforms use several strategies:

Customised messaging. Target players with relevant offers and recommendations based on their gaming history and preferences.

Invitations to exclusive events. Invite VIP players to unique events, like celebrations and high-stakes tournaments with tempting rewards, which gives players a sense of privilege and status.

Activity-based alerts. Develop messages that adapt to shifts in player activity, like bonus cash or free credits for less active players.

Engagement through dedicated managers. Assign dedicated account managers who offer players direct support and ensure VIPs have a go-to person for any queries or requests.

Our VeliEDGE platform has data-driven personalisation tools to refine casinos’ marketing efforts by tailoring messages to specific categories of VIPs.

Deliver timely VIP bonuses

Relevant and promptly delivered bonuses are crucial for retaining VIPs. For example, rewarding player achievements, like placing a certain number of bets in a specific game, can motivate them to play more.

Casino platforms can automatically distribute bonuses based on set criteria, ensuring that VIPs rewards are consistent and timely:

  • Behaviour-based bonuses. You can base VIP rewards on recent wins, losses, activity, or lack of activity. For example, stakebacks or free credits may prompt VIPs to try new games.
  • Odds boosts. Heighten excitement by offering VIPs with high win-to-loss ratios improved odds or payout opportunities.
  • Special occasion rewards. Mark important dates like anniversaries and birthdays with unique bonuses to add a personal touch that resonates with VIP players.

Your bonus system should adapt to changing player preferences and behaviour. When selecting a casino software provider, ensure that the system can continuously monitor gambler activities so that each VIP segment receives rewards relevant to their play.

Automated casino VIP programme management

Specialised casino management platforms can automate various iGaming business processes, including VIP management.

The VeliTech product suite was developed by an experienced casino software provider to meet the specialised needs of gambling and sports betting platforms. Our solutions boast advanced features to streamline player interactions, including interactions with VIPs.

Data integration and analytics tools aggregate data from multiple sources so you can accurately segment VIPs based on their preferences.

Integration with business intelligence tools, like Tableau, provides deep insights into gamblers’ activities and trends in the iGaming industry.

Machine learning algorithms improve the relevance of recommendations based on player behaviour.

Hyper-personalisation options enable tailored communications for distinct player groups.

Responsible gambling tools enforce deposit limits, time-outs, and self-exclusion options for players with signs of a dangerous gambling addiction.

A bonus-system management module helps you manage various reward types, loyalty schemes, and special events.

VeliTech’s product suite can help businesses launch their own casino and sports betting platforms. Our tools serve as command centres for managing players, payments, games, and other critical aspects of an online casino — everything you need to succeed.

Start an iGaming business with VIPs in mind

In conclusion, effective management of VIP clients increases player retention, loyalty, and overall revenue. You must accurately identify high-value players and segment them into subgroups to deliver targeted offerings. While promoting your services, you shouldn’t exploit problematic players to prevent mentally unhealthy behaviour, like compulsive betting. Specialised iGaming platforms, like VeliHorizon, automate most aspects of casino VIP management. Reach out to our team to learn about our suite of iGaming products, and let us help you launch or enhance your online casino business.