If you’re in the business of fantasy sports, you know how competitive and fast-paced this industry can be. It’s not just about scoring players—it’s about keeping them in the game. The industry’s booming, and companies like Rival Fantasy are in a race not just to attract, but to retain their users. Rival, with its unique offerings, sees over 1,700 eager players daily. They’ve got the numbers, but the bigger challenge? Making sure these players stick around.

Navigating player retention can be tricky. Many businesses opt for the usual tactics: regular promotions, hiring external agencies for fresh strategies, or expanding their teams for more brainpower. These are all well-known industry moves. But while they’re familiar routes, they can be costly and don’t always deliver the desired results.

But what if there was a different path? Enter VeliEDGE. Captivated by the appeal of AI and automation, Rival Fantasy decided to give it a shot. The outcome was transformative. Instead of overwhelming players with a flood of notifications, they started having meaningful, timely conversations. It was a smarter approach, more efficient, and guess what? The players absolutely relished it.

Rival Fantasy customer engagement

And if you’re wondering about the broader landscape, here’s a snippet from the Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association: about 20% of Americans have dived into fantasy sports. The message is loud and clear—the industry is on fire. But with VeliEDGE, Rival Fantasy didn’t just follow industry trends; they set new standards and led the way.

Push notifications for iGaming

By using insights provided by VeliEDGE, Rival Fantasy set up automated communications that kept users coming back.

Emails, push notifications, and SMS messages were sent out at the perfect time, with tailored content for each user segment.

Players were hooked, and made Rival Fantasy their go-to site for fantasy sports.

So, if you’re curious about how Rival Fantasy nailed it with VeliEDGE, dive into our detailed  PDF case study. The case study goes in-depth on how they used VeliEDGE to boost their user engagement and grow their business. Because in fantasy sports, the winning move isn’t just playing—it’s playing it smart.

Remember, in the world of iGaming, it’s not just about holding the aces but playing them right. Ready to make your move? Contact us today.