At VeliEDGE, we constantly push the boundaries of innovation in the iGaming industry. We are excited to announce our latest update to the all-inclusive iGaming marketing automation platform – the enhanced ‘Wait’ node, revolutionising how operators manage and schedule communication with their audience.  Our team developed this feature to elevate the live workflow capacities for iGaming marketers. It not only permits a brief pause but also allows one to specify the very tick when messages should be dispatched following that interval. 

To put it simple: envision a scenario where a campaign typically pops a bonus into the user’s inbox an hour post-registration.

With our new 'Wait' Node, you can go beyond a mere hour's delay, pinpointing the precise moment for that bonus message dispatch, ensuring consistency for every user.

This feature offers an unparalleled degree of flexibility in message scheduling. Users have the liberty to choose an exact dispatch time, no matter when they’ve embarked on the workflow, spanning up to a generous 12 days.

In this article, we will delve into the powerful capabilities of the upgraded ‘Wait’ node and how it brings even more precise control to marketing campaigns.

A Game-Changer in Communication Management

With the latest update, VeliEDGE has introduced a game-changing feature to the ‘Wait’ node – send at functionality. The new ‘Send At’ feature in the ‘Wait’ node allows you to choose the exact time for your communications to be resumed after a pause, giving you remarkable control over your marketing campaigns’ timing.

No more reliance on generic automated scheduling!

This bizarre level of control ensures that your messages reach your audience at the most opportune moments.

Seise Absolute Control: How to Utilise the ‘Wait’ Node

Step 1: Select a Wait Interval

As you would with the previous version of VeliEDGE, start by selecting the desired wait interval. This allows you to pause communications for a specific duration and plan your next move strategically.

Step 2: Enable ‘Send At’

Here comes the magic! Enable the ‘ Send At ‘ feature once you have set the wait interval. This empowers you to choose when the communications should be resumed. No more guesswork or reliance on automated timing; now, you define the perfect moment to engage with your audience.

Enable the ' Send At ' feature once you have set the wait interval.

Step 3: Set the Specific Time of Resume

With the ‘Send At’ feature activated, enter the time you want your communications to resume. By doing this, you ensure that your messages hit the inbox of your targeted audience right when they are most likely to be receptive.

Unlock New Possibilities: A Showcase

To illustrate the true potential of the recharged ‘Wait’ node, let’s explore a hypothetical scenario: Imagine that you want to launch a special promotion for your audience. You have a time-sensitive offer valid for 24 hours, starting from a specific time – let’s say, midnight. With the enhanced ‘Wait’ node, you can set a wait interval of 24 hours and then make your communications wait until 3 pm to resume. 

With the enhanced 'Wait' node, you can set a wait interval of 24 hours and then make your communications wait until 3 pm to resume. 

This means that your audience will receive the promotional message precisely 24 hours after the initial trigger and at a time when they are most likely to engage with it.


With the latest update to VeliEDGE’s iGaming marketing automation platform, the enhanced ‘Wait’ node takes your communication management to an entirely new level. Introducing the ‘Send At’ functionality empowers you to precisely control the timing of your messages, ensuring maximum impact and engagement. VeliEDGE empowers you to run tailored communication strategies that resonate with your audience, optimising your iGaming marketing game.  

Start launching tailored communication strategies that truly resonate with your audience today! Reach out to our team to learn more.