VeliPayments, a trusted provider of secure digital payment solutions for the iGaming businesses, is proud to announce that it has achieved Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1 Сompliance, the highest level of certification in the industry.

Demonstrating Commitment to Data Security

PCI DSS is a globally recognised standard for the secure management, processing, and storage of credit and debit card information. By obtaining Level 1 compliance, VeliPayments has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to safeguarding payment card data and protecting the privacy of its customers.

VeliPayments underwent a rigorous assessment of its systems, processes, and infrastructure to attain this prestigious certification. This assessment was conducted by an independent Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), who thoroughly examined every aspect of the organisation to ensure compliance with the 12 PCI DSS requirements, consisting of 100 demands in total. These requirements include installing and maintaining firewalls, regular vulnerability management, protection of cardholder data, encryption, strong access control measures, and adherence to strict information security policies.

Achieving PCI DSS Level 1 compliance is a significant milestone for VeliPayments. This accomplishment showcases the ongoing dedication to maintaining the highest security and data protection standards. With this certification, VeliPayments demonstrates its commitment to being a trusted partner in the payment industry.

“We are thrilled to be awarded PCI DSS Level 1 compliance. This certification reinforces our commitment to data security and gives our valued clients the confidence and peace of mind they deserve when entrusting us with their payment transactions. It is a testament to our entire team’s hard work and dedication.” – said Yevhenii Lapin, Head of VeliPayments.

VeliPayments remains dedicated to providing reliable and secure payment solutions to businesses across various industries. By achieving PCI DSS Level 1 compliance, VeliPayments has established itself as a leader in the marketplace, well-positioned to continue to deliver innovative, robust, and highly secure payment services.

About VeliPayments

VeliPayments is a part of VeliTech‘s holistic iGaming product ecosystem, offering secure digital payment solutions and exceptional payment processing services to clients worldwide. With a strong focus on data security, innovation, and customer satisfaction, VeliPayments is trusted by iGaming businesses of all sizes to handle payment transactions effectively and securely.

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