VeliHorizon is a one-stop solution for companies launching online casinos, sports betting, and other gaming businesses. We take care of the administrative side of your business and the headaches that come with it. The platform offers several unique features that make us stand out, including our rewards and bonuses system.

Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits you get by using our platform:

Game management

Add and modify online games and sports betting features in various styles and themes.

Streamlined payment processing

Simplify transaction processing by integrating payment processing systems.

Multi-currency support

The players can deposit, wager, and withdraw funds in preferred currencies (including cryptocurrencies).

Account management

Manage different types of accounts and efficient online support to players.

Anti-fraud measures

Our system monitors unusual account activity and reacts to infrastructure anomalies to prevent breaches and fraud.

Rewards and bonuses

Engage your players and encourage them to play more with highly customizable bonus and reward systems.

Our platform provides essential services to help you run gaming and betting, so you can focus on what matters — gaming experiences, monetization strategies, and retention.

The bonus system is an integral part of any gaming service. And our platform offers a system most competitors do not.

Customizable bonuses & rewards system

Unlike many competitors, our gaming platform goes beyond simply setting rules for individual bonuses. We created a modular constructor to let companies create, segmentize, and combine rewards, promotions, and other incentives.

Here are some ways you can easily customize rewards with our platform. 

Player segmentation 

Segment the player base into categories: preferred games, spending habits, location, etc. This lets you target players with exclusive promotional campaigns and rewards tailored to their needs. You can configure these rules directly on our platform or integrate pre-existing conditions from another system.

Game-based rewards

Configure rewards for different types of games and betting categories. You can freely control wager coefficients to encourage certain games — for example, offering higher bonuses for online poker compared to slot games.

Flexible reward rules

Unlike other platforms where bonuses are tied to single-rule conditions, we let you set up rewards with multiple prepositions linked to specific bonuses. Our intuitive constructor allows even non-technical staff to create, combine, and upgrade reward conditions — saving you time and effort.

Promo combinations

Our reward constructor allows near-limitless promo customization. You can easily create campaigns that include several reward types. That’s in stark contrast to other iGaming platforms, where new combinations require you to create different promos for each reward or reprogram existing rules for bonuses and player segments.

Mission-based rewards

VeliHorizon includes built-in mission-based rewards. Users can get bonuses right after completing tasks or choose to meet more complex conditions for better rewards. And all of this doesn’t require you to use cumbersome workarounds or rely on third-party gamification services that impact your platform’s performance.

Why our iGaming platform?

Time is essential in iGaming, and a highly customizable reward and bonus system helps you save a lot of time and development costs. Of course, that’s just icing on the case compared to other benefits we offer with our flexible iGaming platform. Contact us and simplify your operations with the best turnkey gambling solution!