January 24, 2024 – VeliTech is excited to announce its participation at ICE London 2024, unveiling its AI-driven player engagement tool.  The spotlight this year is on leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance player retention and engagement, vital for business success.

VeliEDGE, standing for Engaging Digital Gaming Experience offers immersive experiences with AI-enhanced communication, detailed player segmentation, personalised gaming, innovative loyalty programmes and seamless omnichannel engagement. All are tailored to boost player involvement and satisfaction in the iGaming sector.

Bryan K. Oldham, CMO at Rival Fantasy, praises VeliEDGE for its dynamic capabilities in advancing player engagement strategies for Rival Fantasy.

Meet VeliTech’s experts at ICE London for a practical demonstration of VeliEDGE. The team is dedicated to fostering robust partnerships, placing operators’ needs at the forefront.

Giorgi Alexidze, CEO at VeliTech

Our presence at ICE London 2024 underscores our dedication to empowering businesses with innovative, growth-centric technologies. We’re eagerly anticipating engaging discussions with clients and partners, showcasing how our solutions are not just tools but catalysts for success in the dynamic iGaming industry. VeliEDGE’s journey into the spotlight, along with its AI capabilities, represents an exciting milestone in our commitment to the iGaming community.