Gamblers around the world have nearly 5,000 global casinos and online gambling businesses to choose from. Why would they choose yours?

Great customer experience and a wide choice of games are table stakes for succeeding as an online platform, which is why casino API implementation is crucial for your iGaming business.

Read on and discover how casino API integration allows you to integrate payment solutions, Jackpot Aggregator, Game Aggregator, diverse marketing instruments, Content Management System (CMS), Analytics, and third-party applications into the online casino without breaking the bank. We will also outline the casino API implementation process and highlight the possibilities it unveils.

Ready to upgrade your iGaming business? Here’s how to get started.

Understanding API integration in online gambling

Let’s begin by clarifying how an online casino can connect games, payment solutions, etc, using API integration. 

An API (application programming interface) basically bridges your casino platform and other systems. APIs allow systems to interact and exchange information in real time, ensuring that changes in one system are immediately reflected in another.

API works the same way with any apps and solutions connecting them with your platform.

So, what does high quality API integration get you as an iGaming operator? 

The benefits of casino API integration

The benefits and opportunities of API integration for casinos are huge, as APIs basically open up a road to thousands of apps and iGaming features. 

Let’s look at what that means for your business and platform.

Better UX and customisation opportunities

Live casino APIs allow seamless integration of third-party services that enhance your user experience. For example, you can use APIs to

Provide single sign-on so players don’t waste time logging in when they want to switch games

Ensure compatibility of different platforms so players can easily switch from laptop to smartphone and vice versa

Offer more payment options

Give personalised recommendations and bonuses based on a player’s gaming history

Provide real-time data such as live scores, game updates, and player statistics

Support interface customisation

Features like these are crucial for a smooth user experience, which makes API integration a must-have, regardless of size and gaming niche. When there’s nothing to stop players from having a good time, they return to your platform and boost revenue.

Streamlined operations and improved cost-efficiency

APIs also let you integrate tools and systems to streamline your backend processes. Some of the most helpful API features are

  • Data synchronisation across all connected applications
  • Automation of mundane tasks such as data gathering and sending notifications or bonuses
  • Automatic data analysis, which gives you meaningful insights into company performance and player behaviour

Each of these things has a knock-on effect on the cost-efficiency of your operations.

First, since you can easily integrate a third-party service, you don’t need to build new features or apps from scratch. For example, instead of building your own live customer support system, you can simply integrate live chat, a chatbot or other support software via API at a fraction of the cost.

Second, automation relieves your employees of mundane work so they can focus on more value-added tasks. 

Third, insights into performance and player behaviour allow you to pinpoint bottlenecks and optimise your workflows and campaigns.

All these changes help cut your operational costs while maintaining or increasing service quality.

So, how can you get started with API integration? 

The path to successful casino API integration

API integration is all about collaboration between an API provider and a client, which means the technical details change in each case. Still, every API integration process generally includes the following steps.

The business requirements discussion

The first step to ensuring successful API integration is defining your business goals. These goals will help you understand technical details and identify the casino API provider that’s right for you.

Once you’ve chosen a provider, you need to discuss what games or apps you’ll integrate, your wallet integration strategy, and legal details such as compliance and data safety protocols.

Understanding the technical requirements

Every API integration has its technical nuances, which are explained in the API documentation. This documentation serves as a guide for developers and describes how one system should receive requests from another and send them back, as well as how these actions can be added to code.

While there are no specific technical requirements from a casino platform in general, a specialist should check that APIs and platform specifications, such as the web framework or data format, are compatible (see the next section for more on this).

Agreement on terms

After you’ve agreed on business requirements, it’s time to discuss payment options and deadlines and sign an agreement. API providers generally charge a monthly or annual fee for access to their game library or particular apps.

Implementation and testing

When all technical and business details are settled, the casino API provider begins implementation. This includes writing code and commands for data exchange and testing them to fix any glitches or compatibility issues.

Customisation and optimisation

Since you don’t want new games or apps to look out of place, the next step is customisation. Tech specialists will align the new games in your portfolio with your brand’s visuals. They’ll also optimise them for your target platforms on desktop and mobile.

Going live and technical support

The only logical step left is to go live. Technical support will help you fix any issues, scale your solutions, adjust them to player needs, upgrade APIs, and check if new versions work correctly.

These steps are common for every API provider and integrator, even though the details can vary. For example, some providers use more automation in testing and supporting APIs, while others might have limited technical support services.

Given the differences, how do you choose the right API provider?  

How to find a reliable casino API provider

Choosing an experienced and reliable provider is critical to saving you time, money, and effort (which is what API integration is all about). Follow these recommendations to ensure a good fit.

Google or ask ChatGPT for a list of the best providers

If none of your contacts can recommend a provider, start by checking articles and popular aggregator sites (like Clutch) or even ask ChatGPT. Providers listed more than a few times by different sources should make your candidate shortlist. 

Weed out providers who don’t offer what you need

Study every provider on your shortlist in detail to compare their games portfolio, terms, and services.

Research the provider’s approach to completing projects

A company providing quality service will follow industry-standard practices. Research and check:

With a team of specialists with at least five years of experience in gaming and DevOps, VeliTech ensures you won’t suffer downtime due to API glitches and guarantees fast recovery if any unforeseen situations happen. 

Talk to the provider and check that your tech specifications align

You’ll need to draw up a list of technical details to ensure a provider’s API fits your platform and can meet business requirements. Some providers list their technologies on their websites (like VeliTech’s TechRadar page). If they don’t, contact them to ensure they’re a good match. Check things like these:

If a provider confirms there are no tech or legal obstacles to integrating their API into your platform, you can proceed to the next step.

Check case studies and reviews 

Provider reviews and case studies will highlight the experiences of other companies and show whether they’ve handled needs similar to yours. This is the quickest way to understand if a provider is reliable and a good match. To sum up, choosing a casino API provider doesn’t have to be a leap in the dark. Begin by shortlisting companies with good reviews and services that satisfy your needs and fit your budget. Experienced and client-oriented providers will help you deal with the rest, namely technical compatibility, API integration, and customisation.


Casino API integration is your ticket to staying on top in a highly competitive market. An API is like a bridge to a whole new world of capabilities, which means you can 

  • Ensure a variety of games to win the hearts of every player
  • Offer a superior gaming experience and customisation options
  • Streamline your backend operations for better cost-efficiency

All this happens while your employee workload decreases, and you save on the cost of developing new games and features from scratch. 

The challenge is to choose the right casino API provider and tailor their offers to your needs. VeliTech’s team of 200 specialists in online gambling have served over 40 million users with our iGaming products. With our seamless integration and ongoing technical support, you can be sure of smooth operation once your games go live. Contact VeliTech to discuss your API integration and how our products can help.