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Crafted to drive the future of iGaming, VeliEDGE utilises AI to offer your customers a dynamic, immersive gaming experience. With personalised player experiences, omnichannel engagement, and AI-optimised communication, VeliEDGE transforms how online casinos interact with players.

Today, we invite you to enter VeliEDGE’s latest feature: Message Feed, which serves as an integrated channel embedded directly within the interface of your website, transforming user engagement and experience.

Understanding Message Feed Feature

At its core, Message Feed is a versatile tool for user engagement, primarily utilised as a message inbox within your website’s interface. Unlike traditional notifications, Message Feed seamlessly integrates into the user experience, providing a personalised touch that feels inherent to the platform.

How Message Feed Works

‘Messages’ are data points, including type, title, text, and links, provided by VeliEDGE. The visual representation of these cards is determined by how you choose to render this data on your platform. To display Message Feed, integration of the Web SDK into your website is imperative.

Player Experience Example

Imagine a player effortlessly accessing their Message Feed from their profile menu. With a simple click, they can review messages from the past 30 days, with new ones marked for easy identification. Messages are automatically marked as read upon opening, ensuring no communication goes unnoticed.

For players, VeliEDGE’s Message Feed offers a seamless experience:

  • Message Feed: Players would see an additional button labelled “Message Feed” on their profile menu.
  • Accessing Messages: Clicking on the Message Feed reveals all message history for the last 30 days.
  • Managing New Messages: New messages are labelled as “New” until opened, after which the label disappears.


VeliEDGE’s Message Feed Feature redefines user engagement by seamlessly integrating into the website interface, providing personalised and meaningful interactions. With customisable templates and a user-friendly experience, Message Feed empowers businesses to connect with their audience like never before.

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